My Last Word On Chris and Rihanna

I have been readng alot of things about what everyone thinks happened the morning that Rihanna was attacked by Chris Brown.  I’ve heard the “herpes” consipiracy, and I’ve heard that Rihanna went off on him because of some groupie text he received.  The truth of the matter is that there are only two people who know what went down, and neither of them are speaking out on it right now.  All I know for sure was that whatever transpired before, Rihanna was beat by Brown, and there is nothing that makes it okay for him to take out his anger with his fists on anyone, let alone a female.


I can understand being so angry and frustrated that you just want to lash out, and hurt someone, but you can also choose to just walk away.  If I could ask Chris Brown anything at all, it would be if it was worth all of this.  People are starting to distance themselves from him.  Endorsements have been halted, and his songs are being dropped from radio station rosters.  I keep forgetting that Chris is just out of diapers himself, and this is going to follow him around for the rest of his life, but if he had just thought about the consequences, he wouldn’t be in this situation right now. 


If I could say anything to Rihanna it would be that I am very proud of her for not protecting him.  Don’t ever stand for abuse from anyone, in any form, because once you do, you’ve sacrificed yourself.  I would tell her that her injuries will heal, but counseling would heal her heart, as I’m sure she’s broken up about this whole thing.  I would tell her to stay strong, and next time it would be better to just walk away, rather than argue, fuss and fight.

Black love is beautiful, but notwhen it's black and blue

Black love is beautiful, but not when it's black and blue

 In time, we may forgive Chris, if he aplogizes, and seeks treatment for his anger issues. But I want all the women out there who are being abused by their boyfriends,signif others, husbands, etc…if a man can get angry enough to hit you, he can get angry enough to take your life.  Chew on it.


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