Beyonce Spotted Looking Rough Around The Edges

Look, I know these past two weeks have been hard on the robot diva, what with being threatened by  a seventy-one year old woman, losing the Grammy to Aicia Keyes, and watching Jennifer make a magnificent come back, then the drama that put Rihanna at the center of attention, not to mention being ditched staying at home while your husband party’s with your sister…well it can really take it’s toll on you.  Beyonce finally poked her head out of a mouse-hole, and showed up in Beverly Hills and this is the best she could do…

This girl is hopeless!

This girl is hopeless!


The necklace is a statement piece, and the outfit didn’t need anything else going on.  The whole look is too black, too busy.  And what’s with those fingernails?  She took the time to get dressed, but not to have a manicure?  I mean it’s not like she grinds in an office all day, and then comes home to tend to a bunch of children, so there’s really no excuse in coming to an event with chipped, black nail polish.  Yuck, that’s tacky and makes me wonder what else she skipped.  Ever notice how her smile stops short of reaching her eyes? Beyonce with all of her fame, and money is miserable.  I feel sorry for her sometimes.

Photo courtesy of Concrete Loop


2 Responses to “Beyonce Spotted Looking Rough Around The Edges”

  1. tee so clazzi Says:

    Yall need to STOP HATING!!!! on Beyonce cause you aint got shit id like to see you cause you talking like you ms or mr perfect

  2. tee so clazzi Says:

    STOP HATING!!!!!!!

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