Love Those Shoes…Solange!

Here’s Solange after the Grammy’s at Jay and Bey’s seemingly fave “after awards” hang -out, Katsuya.  Although big fake sis was MIA, Solange went to go hang out with brother-in-law, and friends.  Now what self respecting diva in training would carry her own umbrella?  I don’t know, but look at her booties…aren’t they the bees knees?  Good way to redeem herself  from that whole yellow/black/white thing she was wearing the other night.  I don’t think Solange has a chance in hell at being a bankable singer, but she could definitely model.  Something about her face is different, in a good way, and I just can’t put my finger on it.

Those booties are FEROCIOUS!

Those booties are FEROCIOUS!


One Response to “Love Those Shoes…Solange!”

  1. tee so clazzi Says:

    da straight but they aint all dat (NOT EVEN HATIN DO)

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