Chris Brown Knocked Rihanna Upside The Head?

I saw this on E! lastnight, but I thought the “Brown” they were referring to was Bobby Brown.  Anyway, the story is that Chris and Rihanna were in the Hancock Park neigborhood, when Chris assaulted her.  She named him as her attacker, and eventually he turned himself in.  Of course, nobody has confirmed that it was Rihanna, but given the jumpoff situation, and the fact that the two haven’t been pictured together lately, it’s safe to assume that the victim was Little Miss Sunshine. 

Well, at least she had enough sense to tell the police that he was the one who hit her.  I have nothing but disgust for a man who would put his hands on a woman, but doesn’t Rihanna look like she has a super slick tongue?  Anyway, both of them pulled out of their scheduled appearances at last night’s Grammy, and her reps haven’t denied it.   I guess both of them were there because she reportedly bit his abusive ass.  This makes me wonder if this is the first time he’s put his hands on her?

Singer, Dancer....thug?

Singer, Dancer....thug?

Photo courtesy of Acess Hollywood


4 Responses to “Chris Brown Knocked Rihanna Upside The Head?”

  1. I think that Myra Panache has made some valid points about this case:

    “A fixer has obviously been brought in for damage control regarding Chris Brown. It’s been widely quoted that Brown got physical with Rihanna because she allegedly gave him herpes. How does anyone know that? They were the only ones in the car and in the parking lot, only they know what was discussed. Pure speculation.

    But, this explanation is being used as “justification” for the attack on Rihanna. Despite being the victim, due to this fixer “smear campaign,” Rihanna is being bashed for provoking Brown into hitting her.”

    A fixer is planting stories in favor of Brown on every urban blog, so far, this strategy seems to be working.

    This was taken from the Panache Report website.

  2. Like I have said countless times, Rihanna suffers from coldsores like alot of people, and it is Herpes Simplex 1, which is so different from the Herpes that is passed through sexual contact, simplex 2. So that herpes bullshit doesn’t wash with me. Chris Brown should have walked away, and he wouldn’t have to be trying to hide the fact that he is violent. No matter what, a man has no business putting hands on a woman, PERIOD! And any man who does deserves whatever comes his way! He should be made an example of, and I hope that Rihanna presses charges against his behind. I’m glad I never wasted a dime on anything of his!

  3. tee so clazzi Says:


  4. They say, Rihanna says that Chris Brown beat her up. WE were not there so WE can’t accuse him. Rihanna is a sista so…ain’t no sista gonna put up wit that sh** and not fight back. I wanted to see Chris’s face too for bruises. Remember who is controlling these celebrities. Chris Brown might have been the fall guy for this incident. Black men are protrayed as woman-beaters, rapist…So I’m not feeling this story.

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