Beyonce To Portray Angela Davis? Yeah Right!

I know I am not the only one who thinks Beyonce needs to leave the acting to the actual actresses, and I don’t want to even think of her attempting to play Angela Davis, former Black Panther, and Professor.  According to Young, Black, and Fabulous,  Rachid Bouchareb is making a movie about Davis’ life, and wants Beyonce to star in the leading role.  Beyonce couldn’t carry a movie if it had handles.  Let’s just hope that if/when this guy asks Beyonce to take the role, she has the decency to decline.  Besides, I can think of several actresses that could pull this role off without blinking an eye…Taraji, Sanaa, Alicia Keyes, or Jennifer Hudson would be good choices, what do you all think?

Beyonce's Emerald Tuna look

The Little Mermaid...yes...Angela Davis?....I think not.


17 Responses to “Beyonce To Portray Angela Davis? Yeah Right!”

  1. loquacious Says:

    It is taking everything inside me not to curse. I am spitting mad. Angela Davis is a personal hero. I read her story and know about the Black Panthers. I’m telling you, I will be on the nightly news protesting outside the movie studio if Beyonce’s non-diction having, poor acting self gets the role. BEYONCE. CAN’T. ACT. My God in heaven, this better not happen.

    I like Alicia Keyes, but no. I want a higher caliber of actress. It is so hard to find a black, credible, talented actress to portray Professor Davis? SHE IS AN ICON. Dammit.

  2. Agreed…Beyonce should stick to singing and appearing in Jay-Z’s music videos

  3. tee so clazzi Says:

    she looks like a mermaid!!!!

  4. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Look at her! She is posing just so… Probably worked on this pose looking in the mirror all day trying to nail it just right.

  5. St. Smith Says:

    She is a beautiful and talented young lady, but I believe she needs more fine tuning when it comes to her acting. One never knows she could be a major force in the film industry if she gets some coaching. Think about what it took to get her where she is now. Clearly she is no chump and she is smart.

    One never knows what can bring out the essence of beauty…Maybe her acting is just a diamond in the rough waiting to shine.

    Sisters let’s up hold sisters. Remember one day it will be your day to shine.

    • although i love your optimism, maybe you should read my blog as a whole, and you will see where that “talent” she has comes from. I’ll just say this, you can teach a human robot to speak, but you cannot teach it emotions. read the blog, and wake up.
      thanks for reading

      • St. Smith Says:

        Well dirtygurl don’t think the issue is reading your blog, think it is more understanding the concept of dirt. Revealing something is dirty implies it needs to be cleaned up (i.e. her acting skills).

        And optism doesn’t mean one needs to wake up, it means and challenges others to come higher.

  6. Ms. Mizani Says:

    This entire picture of Beyta says a lot. From the pose, the dress, the color of the dress and a few other things only noticable to those who have took the time to learn about how the illuminati operates, the tools they use, the subtle messages being sent out, colors, etc…all put before our eyes in plain sight.
    And to others this probably looks like just a simple picture of a pretty woman.

  7. reading the entire blog will give you and idea of what I and alot of others think is going on with beyonce, jay z and the entire world in general, there are some filthy things going on in this world, and beyonce is just the syptom of the real disease….if you truly like beyonce you will pray for her to break free of her captors, you will pray that someone intervenes on her behalf before it’s too late, those around her wish to keep her a prisoner and atrocities are being carried out every single day, take what you read here, read through the comments then use that as a springboard to do your own research and make your own connections, this blog is named “the dirt” because the truth is often something society doesn’t want to touch.

    • St. Smith Says:

      And the ascent begins….I think again the assumption is that I am not clear on your blog or haven’t done my own research. We just seem to have different approaches as to how we deal with the same issues. Or I would like to think I force folk to take a new look at how to deal with old issues. What is going on with Beyonce and Jay Z is nothing new, but I am suggesting the way we address it, meaning the dirt of it all, should be. Think about it Dirtygurl, how easy is it to fling it and not offer some means of cleaning it up, whetther it is a prayer, an encourgaing word or a blog that exposes. We all have a dime in this collective dollar. All I am suggesting is lets look at what our contribution truly is. If we truly want to address the situation and want the best for her, you really believe putting her down even more than the forces around her is going to help. That’s not my spirit. Whether received or not, I am about putting positive engergy in the atmosphere and maybe, just maybe, if it is missed the first time, the intended target will get it when it comes back again.

  8. this blog post and every blog post up until the “pac/bey/jay” post was written before I knew what was going on not only with beyonce, but with every so called a-lister. after i did my own research and started to make certain connections, i then began to feel sorry for her. you will see that my post concerning beyonce weren’t as hard on her as they were those behind her. it took me a long time not to lay blame at her door, but those who are in control of her. Now I don’t hold her responsible since she is being controlled by handlers, and I have stated that I feel immensely sorry for her because she is in danger. BUT I still don’t want to see her take a story like Angela’s and mess it all up!

  9. Ms. Mizani Says:

    It doesn’t matter what or how one approaches or chooses to deal with this. THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO SUGAR COAT THE TRUTH. What’s going on is much much bigger than the A- lister entertainers. They are just mainly pawns in this dangerous game the elite are playing and seem to be winning at. All Dirtygurl is trying to do is get the message out there… ASAP. Yes, with a great sense of urgency. We don’t need another 9/11/01. We don’t need another Katrina. We don’t need another puppet in the White
    House. We don’t need vaccines and Chem Trails trying to kill us. We don’t need anymore lies or secrets being hidden away from the public because they’ve put forth alot of distraction to keep us unfocused and dumbed down. We don’t need anymore division between us. Bottom line… is it is them against us. This is war! And people need to realize it before Martial Law totally takes over and we are then housed in concentration camps all over. If this information scares some, then that’s a good thing. It’s time to stop depending on others and think for ourselves. You see more and learn more with your eyes opened instead of shut. Everyday our freedom is disappearing and the laws are changing without us knowing or approving. Why? Because we depend on these Devils to do right by us and not eniquire or question the elite. I just cannot stress enough the seriousness about getting the info out to others. Their agenda has no mercy on us. And the A-listers who are being used are not the only one being hurt by them. Take a look at out schools, our Government, our jobs, our families, health care, other parts of the world fighting each other, HAARP, Etc..,Etc..,Etc.. We most definitely need to know who or what is behind so much sorrow in this world. And why are they making it harder to maintain a simple life? While ‘certain people’ arent’ bothered with any burden.
    In the words of a Famous Singing Legend, who knew all to well what the hell is really going on….Michael Jackson says over and over again…”They don’t really care about us!!!”.

    • St. Smith Says:

      And the ascent continues……..Isn’t funny how one comment can lead to a literary war when everyone on face value appears or are saying they are for the same thing. With all do respect, is any of this new. How many times has Marshall Law kicked in throught out history. Although I never thought that my comments would bring folk to such a high altitude of response, I am glad it did and maybe people will move from words to action. With the first action being, as I stay rooted and grounded in my initial contention, how we deal with one another. I don’t care how many bombs they continue to through if we are still going to blow with them because we can’t get it together. All I am saying is those countries who commit horrible things like 911, who by the way out smarted America by with box cutters while we were building bombs, have people who are willing and have been taught to die for their land and thier beliefes. We have to have a ten page discussion about how to inform and lift each other. You know what the worst war to be in is? The one you don’t know your in.

      I hate to say it ladies but CABOOB

  10. Ms. Mizani Says:

    911 was not another country attacking America… Those of the American elite and those in the infamous bloodline were responsible for the attack. Our very own ‘so called’ people murdered their own people. Yes, this was all planned. Therefore, I challenge you to do your own research, instead of taking so one’s word for it. You will also catch Bush in a lie or two about where he was when he learned of the attack. He was actually sitting in a class room being taped and the expression on his face was priceless. Yet, he claimed he was in the school’s hallway watching it happen on a TV.

    Research HAARP…Why is it so important to be able to manipulate the weather and to cause man made disaters? And why is it so secret when our money is being used to further the study. Don’t you think we need to know?

    Why all of a sudden Health Care is important to them now. In some countries they’ve been giviing their citizens free health care. And not to mention…how ironic this subject happens to be important and just the right time to start implanting people with ‘The Chip’. Yes, they are going to make this mandatory.

    Did you know that the Miranda Law will be a thing of the past? No police officer will have to read you your rights because they ARE passing a law that deems this unneccessary. imagine being held against your will and not knowing the reason(s). Why aren’t they mentioning this to every American citizen? What’s the big secret? And again our moneys support things we know nothing about. But to those who are aware…this is a brillant way to put forth Martial Law. Another way to get a better grip of people and control them.

    Why continue to spray Chem Trails in certain areas when we know this stuff kills and causes all kinds of illnesses to people? One thing for sure is this is not being sprayed over the White House or in areas where the elites live.

    Why are there so many strange deaths of Ex-Illumanati members who openly reveal what’s really happening to this world and their agenda? And those who still alive are constantly on the run and hiding out. They all speak of the same things, what they witnesses, did, or know. Even naming names… To me that’s not a coincidence.

    Because of my studies. I could go on and on. But their agenda is not just mentally obvious (1+1=2). They are so confident that they put all of this blantantly in our faces 24/7. So the war is clear to me and others like me who have learned to look beyond the surface of all things. We can even see and feel the evilness and this is why we continue to share with others, the truth uncovered.

  11. St. Smith Says:

    With all do respect, again I ask is any of this new. And you say these things as if they are beyond the surface. And again no disrespect intended but this conversation has almost appeared to become trite. Without seeking to offend you, I would like to share an observation. What I have noticed is when one goes to great lenghts to present such information when someone clearly says they hear you but equally as clear just simply states what’s the next step. You put it out there and what, it usually is a sign of that person being in a war with themselves and winning. No one is refuting your position the question is how are you addressing it. Humblely I offer, maybe it may help to address the struggle and not become it.

  12. St. Smith Says:

    Additionally while I don’t expouse to some of your position, I just want to put out there again much of it is not new info. I just wanted to clarify my position. Peace

  13. they will be implanting the chip via routine surgery may i suggest that you research your hospital, physician, dentists, etc before having any surgery.

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