Real Gangsters Don’t Hide Behind Polarized Glass

LMAO @ the other dudes as they conveniently look the other way, and T.Q's expression like "WTF?  I didn't sign up for this!"

I was over on Necole Bitchie, and one of her posts was the Lil’ Wayne/Katie Couric interview, in which Wayne claims he is a gangster. The first thing that ran through my mind was him and Baby kissing on the lips, but I digress.

I’m just thoroughly sick of these “studio gangsters” like Wayne, and Rick Ross, who claim to be thugs, killers, and gangsters, but when placed in the middle of some real shit, they run like a dog with their tails between their legs. I don’t condone this gangster mentality, but this needed to happen to Wayne. You are not a gangster, otherwise you would have jumped out of that truck and unloaded on those fools. These guys kill each other on a daily, so what makes him think they wouldn’t smoke him and not bother blinking an eye. LMAO @ Wayne the gangster calling the police@ 8:10!

Photo courtesy of concrete loop


7 Responses to “Real Gangsters Don’t Hide Behind Polarized Glass”

  1. Uuumph umph umph….

    I had a feeling about this. Most people from New Orleans do not respect Lil Wayne. I found that very odd. I too, do not condone this lifestyle, however from observations: such artists like Da Game and Mack 10 are “respected” and have put in “work”.

    Why can’t they just make music and shut da heckie up? Oh well. How does the saying go? “It’s better to be thought a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  2. dirtygurl Says:

    lol, yeah that would make the world a much better place. the problem is with these youngsters got these “artists” head so swole, that they think that they can just do and say whatever, and their fans will look the other way. i can’t wait until wayne is obsolete, in my opinion juvie is the only one who I actually like of that whole set, and think about it, everybody else bailed on baby for a reason! and on the game and mac 10…i don’t like what they rap about, but they are just talking about the way they have lived. it’s about keeping it real, which wayne doesn’t, and it was proven in this video..some gangster!

  3. loquacious Says:

    Is Wayne kissing another dude on the mouth? BARFING @ the faux gangsta, bisexual lifestyle. I can’t ge past the 1st minute of this video. I am disgusting with gang activity and the whole lifestyle. If our ancestors were alive, they’d weep. If those were lynched and beating for civil rights were alive, they would weep. I see this and I see the waste fruits of our ancestors labor. My mind can’t wrap itself around it. I am convinced that the Devil is alive and on a rampage.

  4. tee so clazzi Says:

    i been knew that but they ather and son its normal !!!! (i think)!!

  5. Im thinking you missed the point of rappers and rapping… IT AINT ABOUT WHO DO WHAT itS ABOUT WHO SAyS WHAt… Wayne makes a lot of money and I doubt he guna risk it all to prove to you (small) or anybody else how much of a gangster he is. He might be a pop tart but because what he says, does, betrays himself to be, he is RICH BITCH!! Im a welder by trade but because its common for welders to be white does that make me any less of a welder? In actually, I am the Lil Wayne of the welding industry. In an interview Wayne mentions that he is the voice of the hood. At some point in time im sure he has seen some REAL GANGSTA shyt so he spoke on it. This goes for Wayne and every other rapper, singer, etc.

  6. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Everytime I would visit some of my family members. I would see Wayne standing on the corner or standing in the street. He was just a little boy hanging out in his neighborhood. He’s really an alright dude and is talented. I’m not a fan but just to see what this little boy that I use to see hanging out has become. Because he is the youngest and talented one in his group, I don’t believe he is as hard as people think he is. He really doesn’t have to be he is surrounded by Real Gangsta’s so all he has to do is deliver the goods; make the hits.
    It’s funny because after he really made it in the music business as a top Rap Artist, he still would come home and hang on the same corner, dressed normal not flashy, and if you didn’t know any better, you would walk right pass him and think nothing of it. At home he is not being attacked by fans. But I will say that he is qualified to be a heard voice from the Hood. Being from N.O. exposes you to a lot of things good and bad. And fortunately since Katrina that neighborhood is like a ghost town.
    Let me state for the record. I am not a Fan/Stan or anything like that. I only know one song and that is ‘Bling Bling’ and that’s the only part I know. I’m alot older than Wayne and consider myself an ol’ skool hip hop head. And proud of it, LOL!
    But I can share what I know for a fact.

  7. I could care less about Lil Wayne bein gay or a gangsta but when you do an interview about killin whole families includin new born babies it makes you look a fool and uneducated. I lost all respect for him after that. And if you don’t believe you can look it up on youtube.

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