Fifty and Ross Looking to Sell Records…A.K.A Beef

We all know that Rick Ross, the Florida clown rapper has a “beef” with 50 cents, but according to 50, he didn’t even know there was beef with the former correctional officer.  So now 50 claims that he has documentation of Rick’s career as 5-0, in the form of certificates of appreciation, and employment applications.  I mean we’ve all seen the infamous pic of the grimy pig rapper in his uniform, so it’s pretty safe to say that 50’s wasting his time with this one.  Read the full article on Ballers Status.  You’d think that 50 would learn from people like Dre, and Jay to not even acknowledge this idiot, but I guess he’s trying to sell cd’s too.  So, are they in on it together, because 50 is famous for this playground behavior.  You be the judge.

" Send Backup"

" Send Backup"


3 Responses to “Fifty and Ross Looking to Sell Records…A.K.A Beef”

  1. loquacious Says:

    It’s so gimmicky to have “beef”. Ain’t nobody checking chiclet teeth 50cents. Oh he makes me sick.

  2. lol @ chiclet teeth!

  3. loquacious Says:

    I’m sorry but those teeth are chiclet, lol. I don’t like him at all. Girl, I’m not into the bravado of 50 cent.

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