Beyonce/Sasha Posessed?

Okay, ya’ll let me stop laughing and get myself together.  Now I don’t know Beyonce/Sasha on  a personal level, but I don’t  like her public persona, music, or the dumb things that seem to fly out her mouth at any given moment. 

 There’s this crazy, “Christian” website that is convinced that Beyonce is posessed by demon’s causing her to have split personalities. This is crazy to me because I’m thinking that Beyonce’s whole Sasha thing probably isn’t her idea in the first place.  It’s probably something Matt dreamed up along with marketing, and if this is not the case, then Bey needs to see a psychiatrist. 

swiped from, so ninth grade, but funny as hell!

swiped from, so ninth grade, but funny as hell!

Beyonce, you had better watch your back, because some of these religious radicals go hard, remember PETA?  Anyway, they have dissected her Crazy In Love video’s car scene, you know the one that Jay blows up while she’s having a seizure in the backseat, about to burn the hell up.  I’m not going to quote such foolishness so check out the hour long post at, for some wholesome craziness, and a good laugh.


Is this the face of a stalker?

Is this the face of a stalker?

Then there’s this website dedicated to the hatred of blogstress, Sandra Rose a.k.a. CrustyRose (their name for her, not mine).  I don’t like SR because of her foul mouthed Obama bashing, so I’m not going to post a link, but apparantly this hate sandra blog claims that she’s been stalking Mrs. Carter, starting in 2005, after sending sexually charged messages to Beyonce, that were rejected.   They even claim that Matthew has filed a restraining order against her.  I wonder if there is any truth to this story, or is it just speculation?  Either way, it makes for some juicy gossip!   Beyonce doesn’t strike me as the type to play on the other side of the fence, maybe Sasha does though. 

Just Kidding…anyway, I find it hilarious  that someone would dedicate an entire blog to one person, either hating or loving, much like the hateonbeyonce website.  I understand you can’t stand this or that person, and you want to tell the world, but you’d think that focusing on one person would make for sporadic posts.  Anyway hit up, that’s where I swiped the pic.


3 Responses to “Beyonce/Sasha Posessed?”

  1. loquacious Says:

    i believe there is something wrong with Beyonce. Look at her parents and how they handle things from business to their marriages. there are a lot of ?’s regarding backgrounds.

    Sandra Rose, well I haven’t posted on her blog, but read a few entries and knew that it wasn’t the place I’d like to support. Sandra Rose has “issues” which doesn’t make her objective in her blogging. And the Anti-Sandra blog is funny. I read that Rose tried to have the blog shut down. How are you going to do that when she does the same thing on her blogs? smmfh

  2. dirtygurl Says:

    Let me tell you what I think, I feel sorry for her. her father was/is controlling her every waking move. I saw her on “diary”that show on mtv where they follow them around, and she said that when she’s at home, matthew “harrasses” her about doing this , and that. she’s also been quoted as saying that she wishes that her father wasn’t her manager sometimes. Tina is just as opportunistic as her husband. Notice how she uses beyonce to sell dereon by featuring her in ALL the ads for that mess? Both of them are riding the gravy train that is beyonce, and i really feel that solange was basically ignored by them, so she feels like the only way she can even get their attention is to follow in Beyonces footsteps. Is it any wonder why she got pregnant at such an early age? Her ex was the only one who ever paid her any attenion, so she gave it up and got pregnant. i think that Jay is a pretty smart guy, and he sees matthew and Tina for what they really are, and that’s why neither of them can stand him. I remember they were at an awards show, and Jay won something, so he went to hug Tina, and you could tell by the tightness in her face, that she didn’t want him touching on her. Beyonce got with Jay, to get away from her father in a sense, but what she did, is trade one father figure for the next. Yeah, Matthew is dirty motherfucker, and his time is coming. kelly dumped his ass, and i believe that he’s her biological father because they look just alike, next will be michelle, and if beyonce had any sense she’d do like janet did joe, and take….CONTROL! (snaking from side to side) LOL

    Sandra rose is just a miserable beast, and her drop of “celebrity” will soon be gone.

  3. loquacious Says:

    I pretty much agree with ya on your post. I do remember Diary show. Do you remember the nasty things Beyonce said about the other members of DC when they left the group? Her comments were nasty, followed by that Survivor song. Bey’s hands ain’t clean. She’s opportunistic and materialistic as they come, thanks to her parents. Solange, girl please. Her music is ok, but her attitude sucks. Remember that clip of her getting nasty with the interviewer? Girl, that whole family has entitlement issues. Beyonce paid $8million to the Obama Presidential Inaugural Committee to perform at the concert and ball. She wore that nipple dress singing Etta James song. Etta is still performing and could of sang the song that made her famous. Beyonce is a notorios swagger jacker. I peeped that a few years back during the J.Lo. craze, then Shakira, Brittany, Ameril, Kylie. Look at how her stans tear down other artists to build her up. Something is very, very wrong with that. Shoot, beyonce has made snide, sneaky comments too. The way she treated J.Hud is inexusaable. I love me some J.Hud.

    Did you know that she’s actually 34?

    I’m not leting Jayz off the hook because he’s dirty too. Remember tat clip of him slapping a girl upside her head? I was done with him. Plus he’s a drug dealer/pimp, who made his millions selling poison to the black community. His music was full of bitches and ho’s. I’m cool.

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