What Could You Do With $18 Billi?

Seems like while the rest of us “regular” folk are struggling to pay the bills, and keep gas in our cars, the big shots on Wall Street are living high on the hog.  Now we can get upset, and shake our head at the unfairness, but President Barack Obama is the man who can do something about it. 

The president said he and new Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will have direct conversations with corporate leaders to make the point.

Obama said there is a time for corporate leaders to make profits and get paid bonuses but now is “not that time.”

Well said Mr. President, these jokers have been getting away with this crap for years, while the average, hardworking family has to choose between paying rent, or the light bill.  Read the full article, and get mad as hell at http://www.news.yahoo.com

The Man Who Will Change the Game

The Man Who Will Change the Game


One Response to “What Could You Do With $18 Billi?”

  1. loquacious Says:

    unbelievable, those wall street crooks need to be behind bars. Where’s my bailout?

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