The New York Post’s Writers Are Untalented Hacks

Well, I don’t read the post, but apparantly they have Macy Gray up in arms over a story they ran about her being quoted saying that she wanted to have children with Obama.  I know she’s out there folks, but this sounds crazy.  When Macy was reached for comment, this is what she had to say…

I portray a character in the Starz comedy series Head Case, which is a hilarious show about a wacky psychiatrist who is wackier than her patients. My character admits that she thinks Obama is hot. It is innocent and funny. It was shot back in September and airs in March. The quotes printed by Page Six were taken completely out of context, and no less the dialogue from a scripted television comedy. It’s ridiculous.

It’d be just like having Denzel Washington arrested in real life for the crimes his character committed in American Gangster. There are members of the press, namely the person who wrote the article, who are untalented and uninspired so they look to write false statements and tear people down because they couldn’t get paid to write about anything meaningful or true. 

I respect and love our new President and his family just as you do and would never disrespect them in anyway.  Thank you.

Love the Look!

Love the Look!

Photo credit: Giuliano Bekor

LMAO @ “couldnt’ get paid to write about anything meaningful or true”    These so called “journalists” are way out of line with their false reporting, but I guess selling papers is the bottom line.  By the way, haven’t heard anything from Macy in a minute, but it’s nice to know she’s working.  I enjoyed her in Training Day.  Support Macy, and check Head Case sounds like it may be good.   Read the full article at


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