Another Bad Boy Group Laid to Rest

Danity Kane before Aubrey's skankness took over.

Danity Kane before Aubrey's skankness took over.

Rest in peace Danity Kane.  It seems that the “Bad Boy Curse” has claimed its latest victims…MTV manufactured girl group, Danity Kane.  So let’s play catch up shall we?  Okay, apparantly Aubrey O’Day, Danity Kane’s resident skank bad girl, gets out of pocket with Diddy about co-member Dawn singing solo on one of Diddy’s songs.  Aubrey shoots off her big mouth like she’s running things, and Diddy fires her, along with D. Woods. Don’t worry, Aubrey’s not hurting, since rumour is that she’s going to take it off for Playboy for $500,ooo., but I digress.   Danity was down to three.  Then we hear talk of Shannon leaving to pursue a career in country music, so that leaves little Aundrea, and Dawn, who is involved with that dude from that other group on Bad Boy.  Will the drama never end people?  I wonder how this whole thing is going to play out for the cameras when Making the Band resumes on MTV?  Why do I think that somehow, someway these girls are going to be reunited, which means mad ratings for MTV, and mo’ money in Diddy’s pockets.


One Response to “Another Bad Boy Group Laid to Rest”

  1. loquacious Says:

    Diddy needs to leave the making of a band alone. He’s a horrible manager, unless his talent’s name is B.I.G. He has squeezed every drop of $$$ Biggie’s career.

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