Ring The Alarm!

Aaliyah and Jay-z...Before Dame Dash or Beyonce

Aaliyah and Jay-z...Before Dame Dash or Beyonce

I bet this singes the tips of Beyonce’s wig to see this  picture circulating on the Internet.  Unbeknownst to me, Aaliyah got with Jay before getting with Dame Dash, whom she was engaged to at the time of her death.  I’d forgotten how gorgeous she was, and rumour has it that she is the reason why Dame and Jay fell out, which makes no sense, since Dame was with her after Jay.  Now, what kind of woman does something like that?  I thought that Jay wasn’t into showing affection, as he is often pictured with his wife walking five paces ahead of her.  Well that’s what you get when your marriage is a scam “power struggle”. They look very much into each other in this pic.

Photo courtesy of destinyschildrumours.blogspot.com


One Response to “Ring The Alarm!”

  1. Maybe the abuse the blogger of this website suffered seriously affected her brain. But it would behoove you to do your research, there are more than enough pics floating around the web with Jay-Z hugged up with Beyonce. You sound like you have jealousy issues with Beyonce. She is a beautiful woman and as the guys would say, she has a banging shape. There is no comparison to Aliyah. Pretty girl, nice voice, but flat chested and too skinny for most Black men. When you rise to the top, you go that Diamond. Thats what JayZ did when he married Beyonce. As for Aliyah, she was a pretty girl, but it was her media persona and ability to most likely one day become a money maker that attracted people like Dame Dash. Sorry dear, from a man’s point of view and woman’s, there is no comparison between Beyonce and Aliyah. Beyonce is just plain beautiful in her features period! Beyonce has it all, money, gorgeous looks, class, talent and the the bod to boot! I just call it like I see it. Ask the men what they think of Beyonce, and you’ll have all the confirmation you need!

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