Will Serena Be The New Lancome?

I was reading on People.com that our favorite Olympic Tennis Champion,

hate all you want, because butt pads can't give you this!

hate all you want, because butt pads can't give you this!

Serena Williams is about to make yet another power move.  Serena is apparently set to become the  spokesperson/co-owner of Mission Skincare.  It’s touted as skincare for athletes, whose skincare requirements are more demanding than the rest of us.  Well, I hope it finds a market, because I know that fashion line thing probably isn’t going well.  Anyway, make sure you support Serena, since she is one of the more positive sisters out there, having things her way!


5 Responses to “Will Serena Be The New Lancome?”

  1. Look like butt pads to me, though I happen to think that Serena and Venus have the most awesome of bodies because the bodies are real, not carved up (as far as I know).

  2. Then she got a donk, as my 10 yr old just said (lol)!

  3. loquacious Says:

    Love Serena and so happy for her success!! I’m sipping on haterade because her body is A W E S O M E!!! Serena is all woman! No butt pads and no surgery.

  4. dirtygurl Says:

    yeah loqu…everybody stuck on stupid about beyonce butt that aint even real. I know women from my hood with like 10 x more than her, but serena’s is ridiculous.

  5. loquacious Says:

    Hi DG, keep it real ok?! I’ve seen sistas that would put Beyonce to shame. YOu know Beyonce is transparent. She capitalized of J.Lo. and started wearing fake butt pads and singing bootylicioius, LOL!! Serena has it going on. She most definitely deserve more endorsements.

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