Wesley Snipes Just Doesn’t Learn


whatta cheapskate!

So it’s not enough that his ass is in trouble for tax evasion, but now Wesley Snipes has had his passport revoked.  Last July, Judge William Terelle Hodges allowed Snipes to travel to London and Bangkok in connection to some movies he was doing, but that didn’t include a side trip to Atlantis Resort on Dubai’s Palm Island in November.  It was a star studded event, and I guess Wes still thinks he’s hot.  I guess he’s going to have to settle for domestic parties from now on. I used to like Wes, but this business about not paying taxes irks me, pay your taxes like all the rest of us hardworking folks!


One Response to “Wesley Snipes Just Doesn’t Learn”

  1. First of all, paying taxes is a voluntary. The IRS is not even a part of the government. And NO ONE has the right not even the government to tell people where they can go and not go. The constitution is for the people, not the government. WE THE PEOPLE need to start paying attention to our rights and we have a right to question our government.

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