Kelly Rowland Finally Gets It Right

I love Kelly Rowland, and if the rumours that have been circulating about her dumping her  father management are true, then more power to her.  It seems the Miss Kelly has found some happiness over in London, where she won’t be overshadowed by Beyonce, and she just may have a hit on her hands with her next project…Michelle are you listening?  When it comes to her past fashion choices, I’ve been less than impressed.  There’s always something off, but not this time. 

My girl finally hit the fashion mark with this sleek black number she wore for the premiere for the new Tom Cruise movie in London.  I love how she kept it simple in basic black, and the shoes are a nice touch.  I love her hair and make-up, which she really doesn’t need much of since she’s got such a pretty face already.  You go Kelly!

There's nothing basic about Kelly's look, but did she jack Cassie's signature pose?

There's nothing basic about Kelly's look, but did she jack Cassie's signature pose?


5 Responses to “Kelly Rowland Finally Gets It Right”

  1. loquacious Says:

    Kelly is underrated. I hope she’s successful. She looks awesome, and coming into her own style. She’s going to be a fashion plate if she plays it right. LOL @ “her dumping her father management are true, then more power to her”.

  2. dirtygurl Says:

    yeah people forget that miss kelly can sing, i just hate the role she took in the early dc days, like she’s always been the knowles little lap dog. I just want to see her finally develop a backbone and tell them to stick their heads in the ociean and BREATHE! I wish her much love and happiness in whatever she decides to do. I’m rambling, but i do wish she would woman up and write a tell all.

  3. loquacious Says:

    BTW, I like this blog. It’s a pleasant surprise from the other blogs.

    ITA with everything you said. It looks like the veil is lifted from here eyes. It seems like Kelly was Beyonce’s shadow, even though she could hold her own vocally. I loved her album. I bet she feels like a freed slave because homegirl was oppressed. Her album is H O T and was slept on. Did you know that Beyonce stole Kelly Vibe cover?

  4. dirtygurl Says:

    i think the question is…what hasn’t beyonce stole? she’s even jacked herself

    dangerously in love….crazy in love. LOL!!!!
    I’m hoping that all the former DC crew get together and write a tell all, it will be a guaranteed best seller. I’ve never been a dc fan because when they first came out, they were supposed to be what 15? they were much too womanish for me, and the songs were skanky..”.do you ever wonder when he don’t come home who he comes to see ..why in the middle of the night he leaves you alone..etc…”

    so in essence what your saying is that your creeping with someone’s man, and now you want to rub it in the girl’s face, that you are the JUMPOFF! I know it’s just a song, but it just turned me off to dc, and i’ve never bought any of their cd’s, but i’m going to give kelly a listen

  5. loquacious Says:

    I think those girls were older than 15. I know some girls are fast, but DC seemed to be older than there were letting on. ITA with your post. Those songs were way too mature for their reported ages.

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