Consider Notorious Dug

I watched the movie Notorious last night, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised!  Not only at the story, which kept my attention throughout, but the acting as well.  I heard the movie made 21 million when it opened in theatres last weekend, and I guess it was deserved.  I liked all the actors in their roles, except for little Isaiah as Lil Cease, and Anthony Mackie as Tupac.  In my little opinion, Mackie was way too restrained in his portrayal of  Pac, who was over the top, and little Isaiah is too soft to play someone from Junior Mafia, one of who’s members once dumped the Cumminator into a trash can.  Derek Luke was a  pleasant surprise as the super-suave Diddy.  Wow, I’d almost forgotten how annoying Puffy was back then, but I’ve come to love him.  I really don’t understand why Kim was so upset by Naturi’s portrayal of her, I mean, she was tame compared to how Lil’ Kim really was back then.  I also like the job that Antonique Smith put in as Faith Evans, but we all know Faith wasn’t that small at that time.  One thing that hit me this morning was that Charlie Baltimore was not even in the movie.   Other than that, the movie was pretty good.  What do you think?


 (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, file)


4 Responses to “Consider Notorious Dug”

  1. Thanks for your review. I actually would like to see the movie now.

  2. Capo Status Says:

    Wta up b im from bossip , so thats were I got your page from

    Nice review keep up the good work ,

  3. I really dug the movie although I ended up seeing it a couple times in the same day…doggone herb. U all need to check out “Taken” starring Liam Neeson when it comes out…


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