Aretha Franklin’s Ridiculous Hat Is Boosting Song’s Business



Okay, I’m all for being original, but this hat worn by Aretha Franklin on Inauguration Day is just silly!  I understand it was custom made for her by Luke Song, a South Korean immigrant who operates the store, Mr. Song’s Millinery.  The grey, felt contraption with the Swarovski encrusted bow, cost the Queen of Soul somewhere around five-hundred bones, but Song is offering a knock off version with a satin ribbon for under $200.00.  When customers said they wanted one for themselves, Mr. Song told them that i t was for the “Queen” only.  Well at least someone has respect for a living legend (Beyonce).   Song claims that requests for the hat have been pouring in since Aretha wore it while performing for the First Family.  Personally, I hate the hat.  It’s frumpy, big, and obnoxious, kind of like her ego.  Anyway, all you church going folk will be seeing this abomination during Sunday services, guaranteed.


One Response to “Aretha Franklin’s Ridiculous Hat Is Boosting Song’s Business”

  1. loquacious Says:

    That hat was the truth!! LOL, a crown for a Queen.

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