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Beyonce/Sasha Posessed?

Posted in Big Time Hating, It's a Damn Shame, Small Minds on January 31, 2009 by Kenya

Okay, ya’ll let me stop laughing and get myself together.  Now I don’t know Beyonce/Sasha on  a personal level, but I don’t  like her public persona, music, or the dumb things that seem to fly out her mouth at any given moment. 

 There’s this crazy, “Christian” website that is convinced that Beyonce is posessed by demon’s causing her to have split personalities. This is crazy to me because I’m thinking that Beyonce’s whole Sasha thing probably isn’t her idea in the first place.  It’s probably something Matt dreamed up along with marketing, and if this is not the case, then Bey needs to see a psychiatrist. 

swiped from, so ninth grade, but funny as hell!

swiped from, so ninth grade, but funny as hell!

Beyonce, you had better watch your back, because some of these religious radicals go hard, remember PETA?  Anyway, they have dissected her Crazy In Love video’s car scene, you know the one that Jay blows up while she’s having a seizure in the backseat, about to burn the hell up.  I’m not going to quote such foolishness so check out the hour long post at, for some wholesome craziness, and a good laugh.


Is this the face of a stalker?

Is this the face of a stalker?

Then there’s this website dedicated to the hatred of blogstress, Sandra Rose a.k.a. CrustyRose (their name for her, not mine).  I don’t like SR because of her foul mouthed Obama bashing, so I’m not going to post a link, but apparantly this hate sandra blog claims that she’s been stalking Mrs. Carter, starting in 2005, after sending sexually charged messages to Beyonce, that were rejected.   They even claim that Matthew has filed a restraining order against her.  I wonder if there is any truth to this story, or is it just speculation?  Either way, it makes for some juicy gossip!   Beyonce doesn’t strike me as the type to play on the other side of the fence, maybe Sasha does though. 

Just Kidding…anyway, I find it hilarious  that someone would dedicate an entire blog to one person, either hating or loving, much like the hateonbeyonce website.  I understand you can’t stand this or that person, and you want to tell the world, but you’d think that focusing on one person would make for sporadic posts.  Anyway hit up, that’s where I swiped the pic.


Can A Fresh Perspective Breathe New Life Into Death Row?

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We all know that dirty mofo Suge Knight lost Death Row, and it was snatched up by Lara Lavi for a cool $18 Mil…along with Sugar’s dirty underwear, she also inherited music catalogues for Dre’, Snoop, Pac, Dogg Pound, and some others who were signed to the label, including Lisa Lopes (RIP).  Well anyway, according to an article by, Lavi is planning to undo the mess that Suga created.  We all know he ran that label using intimidation, and violence, and the mighty do fall hard.  If you don’t believe me, check the pics of Suga, knocked the fuck out in front of a club, and bleeding from the head after some barber- dude introduced his big ass to the concrete last year.  Dam, that still gives me a chuckle.  Anway, Lavi wants to transform the label, and run it like a real business.  Good luck to her, and I hope she’s successful.  As for Suga, Suge…karma is a bitch, and she now owns your label!  If I were her, I would get a restraining order, STAT!  We know he likes to hit women…WHATTABITCH! 

Maybe the barber-dude can beat his ass, and get him to confess that he had something to do with Biggie’s death.

SUGE! should have been bobbing and weaving!

SUGE! should have been bobbing and weaving!

Thanks for the photo…TMZ…i’m still LMAO!

Julian’s Father Finally Speaks…

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..and wait until you hear what the man had to say about Julia Hudson, Willie Balfour, and the murder of his angel, Julian.  Okay, intially I saw the post on necole bitchie, and then jumped over to  for the full article.   During this whole incident,the focus has been riveted on Julia, and this murdering prick WB.  But what about Julian’s dad?   Well in a nutshell, Word On the Streets magazine interviewed him and what he said was that weeks before the murders, WB dropped Julian off at his house, and started acting like they were BFF’s. 

 He kept telling Gregory (Julian’s father) that he had a pistol, and that the car he stole from Julia, he sold for $800.00, and was upset about not having received the money from whomever he sold  it to.  He also stated that WB had stolen the pistol that was used in the murders before, but gave it back.  That gun, as you may remember, belonged to Jennifer Hudson’s brother, Jason.  Not only that, but WB had been stealing money and drugs from them too, which was probably why he got put out the house.    We all suspected that JHuds brother and Julia were probably selling drugs out the house, and their mom had to have known, so he confirmed that.   

Dang, just when you think you’ve heard everything….  Anyway, read the article because it’s definitely interesting.   He believes, like I do that there were others involved, namely WB’s brother, who high-tailed it out of town after this happened. 

 Ladies, you may think that dating/being involved/having children by these so called “bad boys” is exciting, but this whole saga is a testament to why you need to think better of yourself, and realize that you deserve better, as do your children ( if you have any).  One of my closest friends was involved with a “thug” and he whooped her ass so much that she once told me that “I don’t think he loves me unless he hits me..”    Chew on that for a minute.

Julia, if you loved yourself as much as you love "some good dick" then maybe Julian would still be here

Julia, if you loved yourself as much as you love "some good dick" then maybe Julian would still be here

(AP Photo/David Banks)

On a lighter note, Jennifer Hudson is supposed to be performing at halftime for Sunday’s Superbowl.  Even though she must still be in mourning, maybe getting back to work will be good for her. 

Kimo And Djimon

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I absolutely adore Kimora Lee Simmons, and here she is on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of Push, which took home multiple awards from Sundance.  Anyway, I just think these two are such a good looking couple, and are obviously in love with each other.   Kimora shuts bossip critics up by glamming it up.  I love that she can be casually cute one day, and a glowing diva the next.  Peep the hand action going on behind her back.  I wonder if she smiled this much when she was with Russell?  BTW…Kimora has some pretty big feet…like me, and I love that she put some thought into where to place her tat..not only is it small, but it’s in a place that really doesn’t take away from her overall look.  Now, I love Mary J Blige, and Keyshia Cole, but when they glam it up, all I see are those horrible tats.  Ladies, stop inking yourselves up, it only looks foolish when you get older!

Kimo is all smiles, and Djimon is as suave as ever

Kimo is all smiles, and Djimon is as suave as ever

Photo courtesy of Concrete Loop

I Don’t Know You Guys…

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I was surfing blogs a minute ago, and I know I’ve posted about Baby Girl being with Jay and Dame recently, but these pics of Aaliyaha and Jay have been making their rounds on the internet, but what most of the gossip blogs didn’t post where these.  Jay and Aaliyah, hugged up, and Aaliyah pictured hanging on to Dame.   It got me thinking, and my suspicious mind went into overdrive.   My question is, was Aaliyah the meat in their sandwich?  It certainly looks like it to me.  I know she has a fanatic fan base who will throw stones at me for saying it, but I think it has to be said.  Were Jay and Dame sharing her?  Peep and judge for yourself from these pics I swiped from Rhymes with Snitch.alliyahdamebbq21                                                             


Now this could be innocent, but I find it hard to believe that if your with someone, you would be touching on his partners naked shoulder, or at least I wouldn’t.










I don’t know, this also looks like two friends taking a picture, but knowing that they ended up getting engaged, i’m inclined to think there was something else going on.  I see an unseen woman’s arm around Dame, could it belong to his wife Rachel Roy, whom he left for Aaliyah? 


And finally her and Jay looking like a couple. I just noticed how you never see him smiling this much with his current image booster wife.  I wonder if the upcoming biopic will sugar coat everything, or will they tell the real deal about this hip hop love triangle.  Time will tell. Thank you for the pics…snitch.


Another Bad Boy Group Laid to Rest

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Danity Kane before Aubrey's skankness took over.

Danity Kane before Aubrey's skankness took over.

Rest in peace Danity Kane.  It seems that the “Bad Boy Curse” has claimed its latest victims…MTV manufactured girl group, Danity Kane.  So let’s play catch up shall we?  Okay, apparantly Aubrey O’Day, Danity Kane’s resident skank bad girl, gets out of pocket with Diddy about co-member Dawn singing solo on one of Diddy’s songs.  Aubrey shoots off her big mouth like she’s running things, and Diddy fires her, along with D. Woods. Don’t worry, Aubrey’s not hurting, since rumour is that she’s going to take it off for Playboy for $500,ooo., but I digress.   Danity was down to three.  Then we hear talk of Shannon leaving to pursue a career in country music, so that leaves little Aundrea, and Dawn, who is involved with that dude from that other group on Bad Boy.  Will the drama never end people?  I wonder how this whole thing is going to play out for the cameras when Making the Band resumes on MTV?  Why do I think that somehow, someway these girls are going to be reunited, which means mad ratings for MTV, and mo’ money in Diddy’s pockets.

What Could You Do With $18 Billi?

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Seems like while the rest of us “regular” folk are struggling to pay the bills, and keep gas in our cars, the big shots on Wall Street are living high on the hog.  Now we can get upset, and shake our head at the unfairness, but President Barack Obama is the man who can do something about it. 

The president said he and new Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will have direct conversations with corporate leaders to make the point.

Obama said there is a time for corporate leaders to make profits and get paid bonuses but now is “not that time.”

Well said Mr. President, these jokers have been getting away with this crap for years, while the average, hardworking family has to choose between paying rent, or the light bill.  Read the full article, and get mad as hell at

The Man Who Will Change the Game

The Man Who Will Change the Game