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I remember back in the 80’s, Spike Lee was making real movies, and addressing some very real issues within the black community.  The industry labeled him a racist nut, but if your black you know that the issues he dealt with in his movies were very real to us.  One of those movies was School Daze and it was about the inner-racism that has existed since the days of slavery.  If you’ve never seen it, I’d highly recommend that you do.  Here is a clip and keep in mind, that the hair is just a symbol.

The very first time I experienced racism was in high school, at the hands of girls who had  darker complexions. I could never understand where that unwarranted hate came from, as I had never done anything to this person personally, she just assumed that because my skin was light, and my hair reached my shoulders, that I thought I was better than her. To me, having a lighter complexion was no big deal because the people in my family ran the color-line from “high yella” to dark brown.  We were all different, but we loved each other regardless, because no matter what, we were family

With that said, I have once again run into a person of color who hates herself.

This is the face of self-hatred.  I never even knew this person existed until she tweeted me regarding my “failed blog”.  Lol at first I thought she was a white man because she called me a “nigger”.  When she called me fat, I had to see who was throwing all that salt my way, and that’s what I found.  So words were exchanged back and forth, and then she sent me this…


My question is, we are arguing about blogs, so where did the racial issues come from?  I never claimed that I was white or mixed for that matter, so what’s motivating this….self hatred.  I suspect that our mentally unstable friend is one of those people who believe  that having a dark complexion is something to be ashamed of.  If Willie Lynch were alive today, he certainly would be smiling to know that his seeds of divide and conquer are still keeping us from coming together . But after all this time, why is complexion still a major issue for us?  And to call another black person a “n*****” is unacceptable in my opinion but if your willing to disrespect your own people, how can you demand that others (races) don’t? Please somebody tell me what happened to the Black Power movement of the 70’s?



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If you guys are on Twitter look me up @thedirtblog. Okay with that said, we all know that when it comes to protecting children from pedophiles, I am willing to go in and go hard.  The reason for this post is to inform, and expose the pedophile that I had the misfortune to come across on Twitter.

Jamal Mayfield sent these tweets to Reginae Carter a.k.a. Lil Wayne’s daughter.  I don’t know exactly how old little Reginae is, but she’s far too young to have a Twitter account.  Not importantly, @therealjuicyjae is RatStaxx bigggest cheerleaders and in the words of Vibrant Vixen ” co-signs with every disgusting caper she pulls” or something like that.

I’m just wondering what kind of grown man calls himself juicy in the first place?  But that’s neither here nor there, the fact is that this pervert is allowed to use social networking to send inapprorpriate messages to a baby, so I’m going to do my best to expose him until he is banned.  I have forwarded the tweets to the police, and if nothing else, at least it is documented if he ever acts on his primitive urges  He must be feeling the heat since he blocked me from following his Tweets, but I won’t stop.  I guess what I want to say is that if you have children who have accounts with social networking sites, please make sure you monitor them closely.  Stop trying to be your childrens best friends, and reclaim your natural role as parents.


So it seems that posting this has lit a fire under the pedophile’s nasty behind because he’s running around like a chicken with his head cut off!  He’s even gone so far as to  enlist the help of another blog, and when that failed he changed his name to @juicyjaedagreat.  I’d also like to note that he is notorious for posting tweets that suggest that he hates women.  If you go to his page, most likely there is going to be some violent statements towards females.  Another thing that is highly disturbing is that he has a young daughter, so naturally I’m concerned.  We really need to get this guy off th internet completely, I just feel that he is a sociopath, and I’d be willing to bet that he’s suffered some kind of abuse himself.


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I was going through some issues with google concerning my contact email account, so I know you guys have been sending me messages.  I haven’t been ignoring you, I just couldn’t access the account.

Luckily I was able to reinstate the account, and I’m going through your messages, so expect a reply soon!  You can resume sending me messages using that same email

I’m sorry for the intteruption, have a great day!

Love Much,




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Well, it looks as if T.I won’t be talking anyone else off of any more ledges for at least eleven months.  I know you recall a couple of days ago when he just happened to call into a radio station, and just happened to show up at this radio station which just happened to be in the building where some random dude just happened to be threatening to jump.  T.I. just happened to have some kind of message taped,  that was just happened to have been played for the jumper, who then just happened to change his mind.  All of this just happened to be before he was scheduled to appear before a judge to answer for that little violation of his probation shortly after initially being released.


Like myself, and other folks, this judge just happened to see this b.s. for what it was, and smacked the “King of the South” with eleven more months in jail.  My question is, why is everyone so surprised?  He should have to go back to jail, just like anyone else who violates their parole.  What makes me so mad is that with all the people who really do attempt/commit suicide, this just kind of pisses on this problem.  What is it with these self serving jerks, anyway?

Sometimes, it don’t matter how much money or status you have, and I’m glad this was one of those times.  Now, if TI had been white, do you think that the judge would have been more leniant?  Do you think that if he hadn’t tried to dupe everyone with that pathetic attempt for sympathy would the judge taken it easy on him.  Well, we can only speculate, guess Tiny and Toya will be renewed for another season.




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This is not the first time I’ve had a problem with the bauble-head nitwits on The View, and I’m sure as long as the current line up is still cackling on that stage, it won’t be the last.  In my dirty opinion, when Rosie O’Donnell left, it became predictable and stale, a constant battle of right wing idiots vs. left wing idiots. In short…more senseless distraction.  However, I totally understand why they would want to get rid of  someone who doesn’t boot lick and sacrifice their ability and right to say what they feel, because that  wouldn’t fit in with ABC’s mass media hypnosis propaganda agenda.

So the internet is all abuzz how Whoopi Goldberg, and Joy Behar walked off the stage in the middle of  an interview with the Fox network‘s ( and the illuminati’s)   marionette Bill O’Reilly on ( the illuminati’s t.v. show) The View.  While I’m sure Elizabeth was probably fit to orgasm in her republican panties  in his presence,  Whoopi and Joy thought it a good idea to show how low class, and truly ignorant they are ( not to mention extremely unprofessional) by exiting  the stage.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand how someone as mean spirited and idiotic as Bill O’reilly can be would  get under your skin by spewing pre-scripted propaganda, but to actually leave the stage, is not making him look bad, it’s making you look bad.  This serves the anti-woman agenda by making us look emotional, silly, and ineffective of holding up half of a debate.  I find it funny ( not ha-ha but RME funny)  how Whoopi can sit there and clown Elizabeth, but she can’t do the same with a clown like Silly Billy?  What I’d like to know, is where was this same defiance and outrage when you were called a “mutt” on national television by Nobama?  I mean, did you not know that he does this kind of baiting almost every night on his own show?

This is just as bad as Elizabeth showing her true ignorance when Kathy Griffin was a guest on the show, and she began yawning and calling her out for some remarks she said about Elizabeth’s questionable presence on a talk show that is supposed to project some depth of intelligence when she clearly has none.  Here’s Kathy inviting Lizzy to Bring it on!

I must say, that I liked it better when not only Rosie O’Donnell was on, but when both Meridith Vierra, and Lisa Ling were co-hosts.

So anyway, now they both look like “typical women”, and Bill O’reilly’s ratings go up.  Way to go girls!

I read an article that the lamestream media was losing it’s grip on the American public thanks in large part to all of the truth blogs, and other alternative media and movements out there, so this little stunt also served as a chance for them to reinforce the notion that Americans were attacked by Muslim extremists when in fact it was our own leaders that did it to us.  Nice try guys, but you fail again.

Here’s Rosie calling out the media INCLUDING her employers at the time, ABC television…



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Thanks to one of my fellow truthers from Facebook, this video of the Oprah Show from 1989 says it all…

Oprah is a slick one…

” I don’t know any Jewish families who sacrifice babies”

a.k.a. trying to discredit by making light.


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I love my google alerts, even though I take my time getting into them because there are so many, but from now on I’m going to stay on top of them!  So I followed a link to this article about how RatStaxx attempted to proposition Slim Thug, and he not-so-nicely shut her down.  Now we know I am  on Twitter, and I do follow both these idiots, but I only caught the end of their back and forth.  I think Slim Thug told her that she had a face like a possum, and that he didn’t find her attractive… or something to that effect.  What say you…I think she does look like something that hangs upside down from a tree limb to sleep.

He then went on to clown her about the lack of persons that attended an even she was hosting at some club, and that she was only paid $100.00, that’s nine hundred dollars less than Foxxy’s take the other night! LOL

Anyway, this chic deeply disturbs me.  You can tell a lot about someone’s frame of mind by the things they say, or in her case “tweet”.  She’s obviously insecure and needs some kind of validation.  My guess would be that she was abused as a child ( I don’t know her background) and is looking for attention no matter how negative and demeaning.  And am I to understand that she is a mother?  WOW!

I guess she thought that being a public whore would make her rich,and is willing to sacrifice her self-respect to get it, but didn’t SuperHead already do it ?  I  think she should quit now, because as far as I know, she hasn’t sexed up any a-listers like Sup did.  Good luck with that Kat, I hope that hundred-dollar appearance fee goes towards your child’s therapy fund.